Our English class

Course Competencies

This page  contains the course competencies for English.  There are separate rubrics for all assignments.

When accessing the rubric make certain you select the correct one for the assignment or project.

Course Competencies

Students will:
Think critically, apply, evaluate, synthesize literature.
Identify and refine a topic, gather information from a variety of valid sources, synthesize information, create original work, cite sources appropriately, and present in specified formats.
Explain multiple solutions to ethical dilemmas found in life and literature and research.
Speak purposefully before an audience.
Understand and demonstrate different forms of writing.
Read and listen critically for information, enjoyment, and personal growth.
Work collaboratively in a group setting.
Demonstrate accountability.

WHS Graduate Outcome Performance Expectations Assessed:
Find and collect information from a variety of print and non-print material, electric databases, multimedia, or other sources
Read critically
Write effectively
Speak effectively


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