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Vietnam Resources/Links, and Video Games

Click on any of the links below to read and see more information on the Vietnam War.

1. This link is to a forum where Vietnam veterans talk about why they enlisted.


2. This link is about the battlefield experiences in Vietnam.


3.  This site has stories from soldiers that were in Vietnam.  It also leads to many more resources which will be helpful in completing assignments.


4.  Pete Peterson was shot down and spent six years as a prisoner of war.  Check this site out.


5. The Virtual Wall from Washington DC.


6. American women in the Vietnam War.


7.  Music from the Vietnam War era.  The list is incomplete but the songs were all about the feelings folks had about the war.


8.  Anti-war songs from Vietnam War years.


9.  Wicked awesome site that gives you a tour through the Vietnam War.


10.  Children affected by the Vietnam War.


11.  Vietnam war survivor returns.


12.  The Sixties.


13. Newsroom Stories from the reporters that reported it.


14.  Good Mourning Vietnam Intermezzo (not the movie) – Chef Joseph Carey remembers his time in Vietnam.  Very interesting.


15. Mud and Blood Vietnam flash online video game – free.


16. Storm boat: Vietnam Mayhem – online video game.


17. Things the vets missed most while over there.


18. Friendly fire mishaps.


19. Vietnamese In Germany, no work, no jobs, a serious problem leftover from the Communist era, says a NY Times article. The GDR imported North Vietnamese ‘socialist brothers’ as workers, and treated them badly.



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  1. fneenan23

    When I was younger I broke one of my grandmother’s favorite lamps ever. So she punished me and locked me in my room for 2 days. I felt like one of those people in the movie trapped in that little shack for a just period of time. So I had asked my mom for food she said wait till dinner time but you have to eat in your room. So if you break your grandmother’s favorite lamp you will get punished and locked in your room for 2 days like I was. So never ever do you want to break your grandmother’s favorite lamp. So when my 2 day punishment was up I apologized and said sorry about your lamp and I will pay for it. So here is what really happened to the lamp me and my brother were arguing over something stupid. After we were done arguing he pushed me and then I pushed him back and so after I pushed him back he pushed me a lot a harder and I fell back into the lamp and got in trouble. You know how that goes he don’t get caught or in trouble but I do. I thought I would only be the one to ever get in trouble.

    It felt like I was being hunted. I was scared for my life but I knew I was only in trouble with my mom. Although I did not know how much I was in trouble so I was just sitting there in my bed. Doing absolutely nothing just sitting there alone.

    April 8, 2011 at 8:49 am

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